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Practicing GEMBA Walk For Your Company

Practicing GEMBA Walk For Your Company

Most organizations have adopted a management practice of Gemba walk. The practice is borrowed from the Japanese concept and requires managers to engage themselves directly with employees in various departments in a company. Gemba technique being a management practice needs senior management to dedicate more time to the actual workplace. This technique is carried out to create an excellent relationship with employees and boost their morale. The prime objective of walking around is to comprehend all aspects of the business comprehensively. Gemba walk enhances a high level of communication between certain levels of staff within a particular organization.

A number of companies apply Gemba walk so as to gain a first-hand idea of business practices as well as create a solid relationship with staff in their work floor. This practice is paramount because it gives the manager a chance to get feedback straight from employees.

Any business that applies Gemba walk on a frequent basis is guaranteed improved productivity considerably. This practice is the best for any business because it enables a manager to identify certain areas of concern in the company. As a result of frequent visits, a manager is able to detect any accidents that may arise and enhance safety measures in different areas within the company. Not only will the safety of the employees be guaranteed, but also get to ensure the longevity of the company's equipment.

There are few things to watch anytime you go out on Gemba walk. A checklist will assist you in writing down crucial issues that require the company's intervention. Depending on company to company, you are likely to find different checklists. Even so, there are certain things that you have to include regardless of the nature of your company. For instance, you have to check whether your workplace contains the necessary information on crucial processes where each person can spot them. Only with this information viewable openly will the people responsible for various aspects know whether they've been doing what they are supposed to do or not.