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Hoshin Planning, Hoshin Kanri, Hoshin A Need For Every Organization

Hoshin Planning, hoshin kanri, hoshin a need for every organization

Hoshin Planning, Hoshin Kanri, Hoshin A Need For Every Organization

Hoshin Planning is a method used at the top management level to identify the ability to achieve the target, which is known as key performance indicators (KPIs). Hoshin Planning then identifies or sets the focus towards a few important priorities of the organization, which will help the organization to be stable in the market. These important priorities are known as Hoshins. In Hoshin planning we take a few priorities at a time. The Management will set targets and policies so that the individual gets a clear picture of the overall performance required for him to achieve. As we move down towards the organizational hierarchy. After the management, the managers of each department will help in defining their goals and annual target for the employees. And so on is carried forward toward the lowest level of organization. This helps everyone to achieve their target for that annual year. Hoshin Planning not only helps planning but also after the planning is done; it also keeps the documentation of what has to be achieved. It also keeps a track to see if it acted every day by everyone.

Hoshin Kanri is a planning process, which is used to assess and check if the objective or the goals and target set by the management are progressed on a daily basis. Hoshin Kanri provides the management a clear picture of the goals or targets which were set and which are achieved at that particular point.

Honshin will focus on achieving its targets and fulfilling customer's needs in the market, basically by keeping their product in demand in the market. They will also listen to the customers' demands and try to fulfill them so as to satisfy the customers' needs.

Honshin will also keep focusing on the environment so as not to damage the environment and help the environment to keep clean and not damage the environment.

It also focuses on improvements to the organization.