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Features Of Kaizen Blitz

Features of Kaizen Blitz

Features Of Kaizen Blitz

Kaizen Blitz refers to the rapid improvement workshops which are designed to bring an improvement in the functioning of all employees of various workplaces. It is a way for teams to learn and carry out structured, but a creative problem-solving improvement over a short timescale, in a workshop environment.

Normally the kaizen event or blitz is a five-day event to incorporate specific performance improvements in the participants. The participants of kaizen blitz are expected to analyze a problem, develop improvement solutions, and implement them. Management is required to give time and resources to the Blitz team. The benefits can be seen in the performance of participants within weeks.

Kaizen blitz has three stages- the preparation stage, the Blitz event, and the follow-up.


Preparation stage

It involves identifying a Management sponsor, defining the improvements required, gathering available data and information, creating a Blitz team, and brief the Blitz team about its objectives.


The Blitz Event

The first day- It involves the review and refinement of the Blitz project definition. It also involves the introduction to Blitz training.

The second day- The process map and walk-through are chalked out. The problems are identified and the requisite data is collected.

Third day- The collection of data is continued. It is then analyzed and workable solutions are developed.

Fourth day- The solutions are refined and prioritized. The implementation of the solutions is carried out.

The fifth day- On the last day of the blitz event, the solutions and analysis are summarized. Long-term plans for the implementation of solutions are prepared.
Lastly, outcomes and recommendations are presented to the sponsor.


The Follow-Up

The implementation of action or solutions is continued in their normal work. The impacts and benefits are measured and submitted to the sponsor.

The Blitz event is tightly defined and when there is clear scope for implementation of solutions quickly, it leads to significant, measurable improvements for workers.