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Multiple Dies Operations

Injection Molding / Metal Fabrication / CNC Machine Shop

ALL manufacturing operations that use multiple dies or molds on the same machine

Increase available time, increase business, and reduce cost

As an example,

    • A 1500-ton injection molding press is used to produce 3 different parts (3 different molds)
    • The weekly requirements for each part are produced in 40-hour runs each
    • The die-change over is about 3 hours each
    • To keep up with the requirements, the machine is run 6 or 7 days a week and the factory carries high inventories of parts


    • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)
      • Convert “Internal” work to “External” work
      • Standardize
      • 5S
    • The die change over for a 1500-ton press was reduced to 20 minutes


    • Eliminate overtime. Run production in 5 days
    • Run the molds more frequently. Reduce inventory
    • $$$