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Lean Production

Lean Production

one of the modules of our “Lean Production Techniques” package that we have designed for Executives and Upper Management of companies small and large. It is based upon proven techniques utilized by Toyota that identify Muda (Waste) in any part of the operation. Our “workable solutions” have helped many industries, Manufacturing, and Service-oriented, to become more efficient, and save $$$ towards their bottom line. Multi-national companies such as GE Plastics as well as small molding shops with a single plant have used these lean methodologies to be the most competitive in their market. Growth increased Market Share, and improved Quality is other areas that we have impacted the organizations that we have trained.

Our workshops include many real-life examples and interactive simulation projects. The students will gain great knowledge of the concepts as well as the know-how to implement the ideas in their respective organizations. They will be prepared to be the “transformational” agents when they get back to their assignments. Our goal is to “develop” members, who can then be the champions in their organizations. Additionally, we provide services after the class is over, with one year of free support to answer any questions or provide any of the course material. We can also augment this training with consulting services if requested. Our free support after the class will ensure the “Sustainability” of the improvements, and our expertise in “Lean” consulting will enhance the implementation of more advanced Kaizen projects.

  • Higher Profits
  • Growth
  • Greater Market Share
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower Overall Costs
  • Improved Quality Performance
  • Create “Kaizen” Culture
  • Just-in-Time delivery
  • Effective use of Technology

Value Stream Mapping

Inventory Management

Lean Warehousing

Logistics Network

Packaging Engineering

Supply Chain

Role of Technology