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People are the main asset of every organization and having developed Team Members and Management team is a must to succeed. GKI proudly presents a comprehensive selection of training courses in categories of Leadership & Management Skills, Lean Production Principles, Computer Skills, and Business Skills. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and methods to improve subordinates' capabilities.

Our full range of Soft and Hard skill courses are suitable to benefit all levels of organizations: i.e. Shop Floor Nontechnical Staff, Supervisors & Technical Staff, Managers, and Executives.

Leadership & Management   Lean Production Principles   Business Skills   Computer Skills

Leadership & Management Skills

Leadership is a «gift» that
followers. give to their
«Leader» by having the
desire to follow him/her
toward accomplishing a
common goal.
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Lean Production Principles

Lean system is an environment
where all wastes
(Muda) have been identified
and effectively reduced
or eliminated.
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Business Skills

To search for and start a
new career or to advance
in your existing line of
work, you must acquire
certain self-development
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Computer Skills

In today modern world,
being able to work
with computer and its
applications is vital to
anyone’s career.
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We offer the training modules:

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