Company Biography

Get Kaizened, Inc. (GKI) is a leading Consulting and Training firm, headquarter in Northern California. GKI's strategy is to identify and eliminate "Waste" (Muda) in any system, and to train and develop Team Members. The training is to the extent that Team Members can successfully sustain the improvements that they have caused and implemented thereby, enabling the organization to become world-class.


Our Philosophy

"We at GKI believe that the 'waste' (Muda), which is present in any system, can and should be eliminated."

Once the Muda is identified, and eliminated effectively, then:


Our Approach

"We Better Your Business through Kaizen."

GKI will help its clients to detect Muda, devise a Simple, Quick, and Inexpensive solution, and permanently sustain the results, while developing Team Members

Our Team

"100 years of in-depth knowledge & hands-on experience in Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing"

Our highly skilled trainers and consultants have academic credentials in Engineering, Technical, and Management arenas with equal hands-on experience in the industry. They are trained by the experts in Japan and USA, therefore they will bring the best of both worlds to your organization. GKI team is characterized as: